Welcome to the Alpha & Bravo Wiki Page. Alpha & Bravo is an upcoming Machinima series based off of the highly anticipated, critically approved Xbox video game, Halo. This machinima is set between the Halo Universe and The Red Vs. Blue Universe as a collaboration.


You may have seen the Reds and Blues on the small screen before. But there is yet another batch of simulation troopers and there are divided into two teams. Those two teams are known as Alpha Team and Bravo Team. Much different than the Reds and Blues ( not entirely ), Alpha and Bravo Team are but a special team of simulation troopers that hasn't been known in the galaxy Andromeda, the neighbor of the Milky Way. These soldiers are pretty much what you would expect from the simulation troopers as they are in a middle of a meaningless and wasteful war for the simple fact on who is better but when an unknown threat crosses their threshold, they must band together on n uneasy alliance to keep them out of bay or forever be tormented by their foes.

Games To Take Place In Edit

Alpha & Bravo Season 1 will take place in Halo: Reach. Season 2 will also take place in Halo: Reach and Halo 3. Season 3 - 8 will remain in Halo 3. Season 9 - 12 will be in Halo 4. Season 13 will be in Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: Combat Evolved. Mini-series like Back In Time will take place in Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2

Production Edit

The scripts for Alpha & Bravo began on December 14, 2017 as the third retake of the scripts after attempts of making the script not much of Red Vs Blue and beginning in new and original ideas to keep the series from repeating the same actions as RVB did from The Blood Gulch Chronicles , The Recollection , Season 9 and Season 10. Season 2 of Alpha & Bravo is in the works as of this moment. On the contrary, Season 1 with minor edits has been completed. The production of the machinima will be taken of late Spring/Summer of 2018

Alpha Team Edit

- Johnson ( Team Leader )

- Ramsey ( Second-In-Command, Science Officer )

- Goldenburg

- Jordan ( the one Johnson despises )

- R1L3Y or Riley ( First Robot Creation )

- Francisco ( Second Robot Creation, French accent )

- Alissa ( Former Mercenary of Driller Corporation )

Bravo Team Edit

- Flamsey ( Team Leader )

- Ian

- James ( Rage Monster )

- Agent Smith ( Former Agent of Driller Corporation, Second-In-Command )

- Agent Penny ( Partner of Agent Smith, Former Agent of Driller Corporation )

- Grandpa Billy ( Expert Marksman)

- Emily ( Future wife of Flamsey )

Elites Edit

- Rocky The Elite ( Fattest Elite Alive )

- Blitz The Elite ( Strongest Elite Alive )

- Boltz Say'sum ( An Elite that conducts and releases electricity )

Other Characters Edit

Matthew ( Assigned Surgeon/ Medical Officer )

Indiana ( Rich man )

Zeuz ( Ghost Of High Gulch )

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